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I am so happy to invite you to a transformative dive deep into conscious relating. As a collective, we have just started to learn a new way of relating: a conscious way, a courageous way, a respectful, responsible, authentic, loving way.

We are learning that freedom and commitment can go together:
as it is possible for empathy and boundaries to coexist.
To share ourselves in a deeply intimate way and take responsibility for how we feel.
It’s possible to meet the pain of our inner wounds and experience mutual healing.

This and much more is what we are going to dive deep into this retreat. The only requirement is the willingness to navigate our own inner landscapes and to hold space for others as well, to be brave and open up the sincerity of your heart.

This retreat is for you if:
– You have a strong desire to experience the innermost juicy and -nourishing potential of intimate relationships
– You want to explore what real intimacy feel like
– Search for mutual acceptance, deep warm understanding, authenticity, joy, tenderness, fun, exploration, vulnerability and healing in your relationship(s).
– You are in a relationship, but also if you’re single and you want a relationship. Al relationships are a reflecting of the relationship with our self.

I believe that for many of us this is a core call, a deep aim,
and yet the most of us haven’t learned a healthy way to relate; to ourselves first, nor to each other.

And since the closest relationships inevitably will push our buttons, they are also the field in which much of our unconscious patterns play their role.

We deeply desire to connect, to appreciate and be appreciated. To understand and be understood. To express authentically and lovingly hold space. But we don’t always succeed without knowing why. Which often results in a giving up.

What we are going to explore/practice:
– Understanding and navigating our inner wounds in relationships
– Emotional Intelligence
– Agreements and boundaries
– Creating safety
– Emotional intelligence
– Vulnerability
– Authentic communication: holding and taking space
– Blame vs responsibility
– Projections / perceptions
– Overcoming codependency
– Open relationships vs exclusivity
– Forgiveness of the past

Yours sincerely,

Ilaria Rubei

More information about the program of the retreat will be revealed here soon!

Ilaria Rubei is a lightworker based in Paris, she serves as a conscious community leader and relationship coach.

She facilitates healing groups workshops and is a certified Reiki healer.

Ilaria organizes Women Circles during the new and full Moon, and workshops on Sacred Relationships.


Sleep in a beautiful loft or wagon. Share a bed with your partner or a friend. Send us an email if you want one of the single beds.

Early Bird – Two person deluxe ticket (2p.): €430,- (till the 28th of February)

Normal – Two person deluxe ticket (2p.): €460,- (from 1st till the 18th of March)

Late Bird – Two person deluxe ticket (2p.): €490.- (from the 19th of March)

Sleep in a dormitory with your own brought sleeping gear. If you choose this option, you will sleep in a dorm on your own (one person) airbed together with all other people who choose this option**

Early Bird – Dorm: €200,- (till the 28th of February)

Dorm Normal Ticket: €220,- (from 1st till the 18th of March)

Dorm Late Bird: €240,- (from the 19th of March)

**The prices include participation in the program, accommodation, food for all days and sauna***

***There are a few single bed deluxe tickets. Send an email to if you are interested, for more information and pricing. ***


We will stay in beautiful lofts and wagons.

Because we love spoiling you, there will be a sauna where you can relax during the evenings.

If you want more information about the lofts and wagons. Just send a mail to


We will hold this retreat at a beautiful estate. Formerly a farm with 20 hectares of farmland. Transformed into a true paradise on earth. With a beach, horses, forest and a beautiful garden. You will want to see this for yourself to experience its true beauty.

The location is easy to reach by car and public transport. It is right in between the Dutch en Belgium border. Near Roosendaal.

More information about the location will be revealed after your registration.


Ticket link:


If you have any questions, just let us know. Send an email to
We will be happy to help you!