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What is Intimacy for you?

Is it making love?
Is it scary?
Is it appealing?

We all have a history with intimacy, and it might be a rough one. It’s a word that may bring up things in you that make you feel separate or afraid.

What if Intimacy is nothing more than connecting as deeply, authentically and plain real as you can – in this very moment?

After the first sold-out edition of the Intimacy Festival in December 2018, we will take you on a journey into intimacy on a wide spectrum of flavors again as we are nearing spring!

This is a festival of togetherness, belonging, coming home. Of celebrating life together, in all our uniqueness. We soar when we connect. We thrive when we love!

Lovers of Life, unite! Let’s remind each other and ourselves of the unfolding of our beings, of basking in abundance, as the budding flowers show us in this time of the year.

During a whole day, you can mix and match your favorite schedule of quality workshops. In the evening we will come together in a ritual and celebration.

We welcome people from all sexualities, gender, relationship constellations, religious backgrounds, and ethnicities. You can come alone, with your partner or friends. This festival does not contain explicit sexual content or nudity.

Enjoy connection with yourself and others. We will reveal more about the program as the event comes closer.

The main language of the festival is English. We target an international audience of facilitators and participants.

This Festival is a co-creation of tribes. We believe in joining forces and celebrating together – competition is something we don’t believe in. Also: we love each other. It’s better together.

Exploring Deeper is all about intimacy, in the broadest sense of the word. Humans are social beings. Intimacy is connecting without masks, as real as we can be in the moment. Exploring Deeper offers workshops, writings and individual sessions on the full spectrum of intimacy: cuddle workshops, conscious kink, tantra, rituals and more.
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Cuddle Workshops International / Knuffelworkshops Nederland en België is the international platform linking certified Cuddle Workshop teachers. We all work with the same high-quality standards, providing you with the safest possible space to dive deep into the realms of touch. Cuddling has been scientifically proven to improve our health and reduce stress. It’s also a great way to get to know your boundaries and desires in a deeply embodied way,, and to improve your intimate relating and communication skills.
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Eigentijds Nederland dreams to co-create a consciously connected society in the Netherlands. We organize a large variety of inspiring workshops and festivals about awareness and connection. Feel welcome to join us in dance, movement, music, lectures, self-empowerment, tantra, sustainability, and more.
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The International Conscious Community is a global network that wants to bring connection and awareness to people across the world.
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We will reveal more about the festival meals soon!


Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Layers are always good, as you might get warm. Do you sweat easily? Bring an extra shirt or two. Soft things are nice if you want to cuddle. Jeans and belts can get in the way.

And if you want to bring something celebratory for the evening party – do it! Whether it’s your most colorful legging, flowing dress or something else.

Don’t wear strong scents! Aftershave and some essential oils might be quite overwhelming for people coming close to you.


Early Bird: €55,- (till the 15th of January)

Normal Bird: €65,- (from the of 15th of January till the 15th of February)

Late Bird: €75,- (from the 16th of February)

Door Ticket: €80,- (if we don’t sell out before the festival starts)

Early Bring A Friend Ticket: €95,- (till the 15th of January, limited availability)

Normal Bring A Friend Ticket: €105 (from the 16th of January, limited availability)

Budget Ticket: €45,- (very limited availability)

Ticketshop link:

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