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Dit event is voorbij.
What does reading this word trigger in you? Curiosity? Tension? Love? Excitement?Are you curious and a bit nervous at the same time, reading this? Have you considered to participate in a tantra event before, and for some reason, it did not happen yet?
Or does it trigger a longing for something you felt before? Have you experienced the magic of tantra already, and do you want more of it – in various flavours and colours, at a place where you feel comfortable, around like minded people?

Please feel welcome to join us at the Tantric Awakening festival! Tantric Awakening is a small scale tantra festival where you can explore and experience what tantra can be for you. In a safe and playful way, at the intimate setting of Odessa Amsterdam.

At this festival, you will be invited to open up to new experiences. You will be invited to awake the full potential within yourself. The potential to feel, to connect, to breath, to dance, to play and to love with full awareness.

The Tantric Awakening Festival offers a menu of workshops that may help you to discover what you really want. To discover what fits you and what doesn’t. To find alternatives to patterns and limiting beliefs where you may be stuck in, even without knowing. To enjoy your playfulness and curiosity. To enjoy relaxing in your own body and relaxing in connections with others, who may be longing for the same. Or to simply enjoy.

**** The meaning of Tantra – and our vision on tantra ****
The essence of Tantra is to fully embrace all aspects of life. Behind that simple sentence lies a world of ancient wisdom, passed through from generation to generation, from teacher to pupil. Tantra is about getting wisdom through experience, not through learning in theory.
The classical tantra has it source in three different religions, distincted from these sources by one ideal: it should be open for everyone (not just for monks) and be possible to integrate in your daily life. This is still suitable to us, after many ages!

Typical tantric elements that help us (normal people) to experience life in its full potential are: body awareness, meditation, awareness of the energy system (chakra’s), mantra’s and rituals. These elements can help us to deeper connect to ourselves, to others and to the whole. Tantra does not deny, judge or block anything in ourselves. Anger, sadness, love, sensuality, all is welcome. We are invited to observe it, to accept it, to enjoy it.

Sometimes, the element of deeper connection to our body and that of others are being misused, unfortunately. What is called tantra is sometimes far away from its original meaning. This has created misconceptions about tantra, which is not only harmful for the people involved, but also to people who are, guided by misconceptions, decide not to open up to the potential of tantra.

With tantric awakening, we do not pretend to have the full wisdom about what tantra is and what it is not. However, we have the intention to be loyal to the essence of tantra, while creating a safe environment for everyone. We only invite facilitators that are loyal to this essence as well. We use clear guidelines and agreements. In this way, we wish to enable you to awake to the potential of tantra, and to give you the tools to explore more of your tantra, by finding suitable teachers, or, at your choice, to just enjoy what is being offered to you.

*** Location: Odessa ****
The festival will take place at the urban paradise Odessa, with excellent locations for the workshops and to relax during the breaks. Odessa is a conscious vegan art ship where city and nature are intertwined, a platform for conscious events and communities. The location, surrounded by (swimming) water, will give an extra juicy vibe to the festival and includes a Spa deck with hot tub and sauna. This offers possibilities to enjoy and relax between and after the workshops in all types of weather.

*** Vegan Food ***
A vegan chef will prepare lunch and dinner. This food is not only healthy and delicious, it also prepared with love and care and with ingredients that will support you to fully enjoy the festival. A vegan food package (2 lunches and 2 dinners) is an optional part of the festival.

*** Who should attend? ***
– Suitable for singles and couples
– Suitable for all levels
– Safe environment, clear guidelines, clothes will remain on
– Workshops can be given in English (unless everyone is Dutch)

Location: Odessa, Veemkade 259, Amsterdam

Saturday May 25th 10.00 to 22.00 (including Ecstatic Dance)
Zondag May 26th 10.00 tot 18.00


Early Bird (until April 14): 120,-
Normal ticket (15 April – 15 May): 140,-
Late bird (after May 15): 160,-

Bring a lover or friend (for 2):
Tantric Lovers – Early Duo ticket (until April 14): 200,-
Tantric Lovers – Normal Duo ticket (15 April – 15 May): 250,-
Tantric Lovers – Late Duo ticket (after May 15): 300,-

Vegan meal package (2 * diner and 2 * lunch): 45,-


Parking tip: 1 Euro a day at Zeeburg P+R (in combination with roundtrip tram).

– For questions: (for practical information), (for information about tantra, the program and facilitators)