Tantra Retreat: Sacred Surrender

17 april, 18:00 - 19 april, 21:00

Wil jij je leren overgeven aan het moment? Jezelf verdiepen in intimiteit en verbinding? Thuis komen in jezelf in verbinding met je hart? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [...]

Je ‘poreus’ voelen, leeggezogen, contact met jeZelf verliezen in groepen of gezelschap. Herken je dit? Over dit onderwerp is ontzettend veel gezegd en geschreven. Maar hoe zit het nou precies? En wat werkt echt? In deze workshop ga je onderzoeken [...]

Are you interested in tapping into an inherent sense of wholeness and a field of undivided loving awareness in the core of your being? Would you like to open your heart more fully and be more intimate with yourself and [...]

Tantric Awakening Festival

30 mei, 10:00 - 31 mei, 18:00

Tantra... What does reading this word trigger in you? Curiosity? Tension? Love? Excitement? Are you curious and a bit nervous at the same time? Does it trigger a longing to experience (again) the magic of tantra - in various flavours [...]

★★★Mantra Festival 2020 - Melting Hearts★★★ ~ More than “just” Mantras ~ A day with Workshops all about Music, Sound and ofcourse Kirtan/Mantras! Together we set the Energy for this day of connecting, expressing & exploring. We welcome you to [...]